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Injection Molding Screws

HTS Inc and CPS Inc supplies High Quality US Screw Tips, Injection Molding and Extrusion Screw and Barrels for the plastics industry. Because of the volumes we supply our prices are extremely competitive and we compete very well with off shore tips in industry catalogs. We carry a very large stock of Screws and Screw tips for Nissei, Engle, Demag, Sumitomo, Cinnci, Toshiba and most other brands. Our parts are made in CPM9V material for high ware, carbide for ultra high wear and 135m Nitirde for more general purpose molding applications.

Screw Tips

We can not only give you an OEM designs, we can build whatever Screw tip is needed to help you be more profitable. This allows us to supply you with the quality that beats the competition with prices that compete with catalog houses.  We can certify all material to prove material spec’s and make sure you receive the material you ordered.

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These are days of catalog houses and screw builders trending toward buying from China to save cost and increase profit. Because of volumes and  working hard to keep our overhead down, are able to supply a high quality US made product and be very competitive with anyone in the market.

We are still proud to keep Jobs in the US.

We supply all Molding Machine Brands of Injection Molding Screws Barrels and Screw Tip assemblies. Screw  tips can made of every type of material from H-13, D-2, 10 V and many others depending on the material you run and whether you need less shear heat, better cleaning capabilities or high ware. Please let us know what material you are running and we will be happy to help you find the best material to get the longest life and process out of you Injection Molding Screw and Tip Assemblies.

Sliding ring check valves are the Standard of the industry. There are many different designs and most manufacturers of machines have a preference.

The 3-piece valve design is the most common valve in the market. It is a very flexible choice for many applications.

The Free Flow design creates allows for little pressure drop, with little shear heat generation, with open flow paths for processing heat sensitive and viscous materials.

The Locking Ring design has tabs that interlock with slots on the retainer. This forces the ring to turn with the screw, stopping wear between the ring and front seat.

With Four Piece designs is set up to help stop ware on the main components, so that replacement cost are less. The four piece design also has a locking style.

All designs have their benefits a draw backs, like anything else. Please give us a call and we will be happy to help you pick the correct design for you.

We look forward to working with you!!

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